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Buyer defines terms of trade

Direct trade and payment between Buyer and Seller

Procurement with full competition

Added value to Buyer and Seller

Documentation and transparency

How do I buy?

What does my company have to do to buy biomass through Biomass Auctions?
There are many advantages to purchasing biomass through Biomass Auctions. When you choose to buy through Biomass Auctions, you get several benefits over the self-planned purchasing process and compared to other auctions/exchanges on the market.

  • Total competition and openness concerning procurement
  • Less time spent on meetings, negotiations, and follow-up on certification, etc.
  • Both spot quantities and main quantities can be traded, with different conditions/assumptions
  • Main quantities (A-suppliers) can be offered to ensure that the desired number of different suppliers (security of supply) is provided. Full flexibility for trading conditions, ex-forest, at plant, CIF, FOB, etc.
  • The heating plant can monitor all ongoing auctions

The opportunity to spar with the ownership team behind Biomass Auctions, who have many years of practical experience with:

  • Production and trade in wood chips and other forms of biomass from DK and abroad
  • Operation and development of auction platforms for equipment, machinery, and consumer milk
  • Handling of procurement and public authorities
  • Haulier and machinery operations
  • Ownership and operation of large agricultural and forestry properties, both in DK and abroad.
  • Certification of forest and wood chips in relation to industry agreement on sustainable biomass

Our proximity to the industry and the market ensures that our auction platform is constantly adapted to the requirements of the public authorities and the market as well as the trends that are otherwise applicable in society.

Biomass Auctions is a tool to monitor and support the changes and trends that are increasingly affecting us.

New and increased requirements for documentation and traceability of chips will undoubtedly be a challenge for many small suppliers at least during a transitional period. This will basically mean fewer providers (they will have to sell to intermediaries).

Contact Biomass Auctions by phone (+45) 3150 6111 or by email: to learn how to get started.

You can also read more about the benefits of buying via Biomass Auctions here: Link to Fact sheet for– Heating plants.