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How do I place a bid?

To place a bid on an auction, you must be logged in with your email address and password.

And then your userprofile must meet the auction´s sustainabillity requirements and possibly prequalification.

Figure 1 shows that the next possible amount to bid is DKK 44.30/GJ

  1. Enter 44.30 (or lower).
  2. Select whether the bid should be Standard Bid or Auto Bid
  3. Enter Bud

In the box in Figure 2, red letters indicate that the settlement will be DKK 43.41 which is the bid price less the fee for using Biomass Auctions. Also, VAT may be added. In this example, the seller fee is 2%, but this can vary from auction to auction and depend on the product. The fee is set off against the settlement of the buyer.

This is how Auto Bid works:

In the example below, the buyer has marked a maximum price of 42 DKK/GJ, and the next bid option is 44.30 DKK/GJ. The bid reduction is DKK 0.10 (Note that the bid reduction may be different in the individual auction)

  1. If you place an auto bid of DKK 43.00 (which is still higher than the buyer's maximum price) then within 1 minute the bid will move from the starting point to 43.00.
  2. If you place an auto bid of DKK 41.00, the bid will shortly move from the starting point to the maximum price of 42.00 DKK/GJ. After that, the price will drop (when others bid) on the "bid drop" object, down to DKK 41.00
  3. If another bidder has previously placed an auto bid on exactly the same amount, the first bidder with the lowest auto bid wins the auction at the end of the auction.
  4. If an auto bid is undercut, an email will be received with this information.
  5. Note: You can place a new auto bid even if the first auto bid is not outbid by another bidder. The new auto bid replaces the first auto bid (there is only one "active bid” per user)

A security rule is built in to protect against some error entries. If you lower the price by more than 10%, the system will ask you to confirm your bid before it is submitted.

Please note that you cannot bid on auctions for wood chip plants if you do not have the required sustainability certificates in relation to the buyer's requirements. The same applies to auctions where the Seller must be prequalified. 

Contact Biomass Auctions by phone (+45) 3150 6111 or by email:  to learn about the possibilities.