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How do I invoice?

After you have delivered the agreed quantity, you will receive a settlement basis directly from the heating plant. This shows each load with weight, moisture, energy content, price, etc.
The settlement basis is normally submitted once per month and typically arrives 2-4 working days into a new month (it is specified on each auction how often a settlement basis is forwarded).
On the settlement basis, there will be an overall price of the biomass delivered. From this amount, the seller fee you have to pay to use Biomass Auctions is deducted. The balance can then be invoiced to the heating plant. Payment terms are set out to the individual auction.
Thus, the payment goes directly from the heating plant to you, and only here you "pay" to use Biomass Auctions.
There may be special requirements for the form and content of the invoice. This will be described in the contract and/or in the specification for each auction.