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Buyer defines terms of trade

Direct trade and payment between Buyer and Seller

Procurement with full competition

Added value to Buyer and Seller

Documentation and transparency

Quality policy

For Biomass Auctions ApS quality is:

  • To create good deals where both buyers and sellers secures the deal in such a satisfactory and professional way, both parties feel that they have made a good deal at the right market price for the product – and Biomass Auctions, therefore, is chosen at the next purchase – and sale.
  • That customer needs are identified through value-adding, expectation-aligned, trusting, and confidential dialogue, so that we can offer the services that give each customer the most value at the purchase/sale.
  • To be a trustworthy third-party between buyer and seller and ensure the seller's anonymity until the auction/sale is completed and the contract is "on the table".
  • That our processes and customer satisfaction experience are continuously improved through our work towards certification with an ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.
  • That our customers are treated with openness, honesty, and respect and all services must be easy, safe, secure, transparent, and comply with applicable laws, including the UN Global Compact which Biomass Auctions ApS completes with the following:
  • Identifies users: Biomass Auctions checks the CVR identity of all manufacturers/sellers and their certification status before and after the purchase and respects all local and any EU injunctions or directives.
  • Product quality: Biomass Auctions does its utmost to ensure that only serious quality-conscious manufacturers on target in relation to the specified quality requirements can participate in the auctions.
  • Money laundering: To prevent money laundering, Biomass Auctions never receives cash payments.
  • Embezzlement: Biomass Auctions refrains from any cooperation where embezzlement is suspected.
  • No cash refunds: Biomass Auctions processes everything electronically and transparently with the necessary secured filing.