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Buyer defines terms of trade

Direct trade and payment between Buyer and Seller

Procurement with full competition

Added value to Buyer and Seller

Documentation and transparency


Who are Biomass Auctions and what services do we offer?

Biomass Auctions ApS is a developed, established and operated by partners with an in-depth and extensive knowledge of the many aspects of the many biomass types – both on the manufacturer and the buyer/buyer side. Several of the Partners have extensive experience in the development, operation, and conduct of web auction – B2B, for professionals – both nationally and internationally.
This interplay and expertise mean that we offer a completely new optimised form of trading to both buyers and manufacturers/sellers which opens up the market, optimises buying – and selling, and ensures complete transparency and quality assured documentation.
A not insignificant side effect is a minimised time for both buyers and sellers, just as the costly transport can be minimised through optimised, often more local deliveries while minimising Co2 emissions. is designed as a "reverse" auction, with several underlying flexible features that facilitate buying and selling between the parties.  is, as mentioned, an intermediary between the buyer and the seller and not financially involved in the transaction. BiomassAuctions receives a small fee from the seller to use the auction facility and service after completion of the auction and sale.

We help heating plants, power/heating plants, biological station installations, etc. to specify the quantity or lot to be used over a given period, in the quality desired, as well as with the maximum price that will be paid for the specified quantity and quality.

These and more information are made available on the auction which runs over a set time. Biomass Auctions is accessible from PC, iPad, and phone.

Manufacturers who meet the requirements and who wish to participate can request to be approved to sell on and get access by using a password and, thereby, participate in the reverse auction. The bidder with the lowest bid for or below the buyer's maximum price for the relevant lot wins the right to deliver. If a buyer demands documented sustainable biomass and if the manufacturer is unable to ensure this, this does not immediately exclude the manufacturer from being part of the auction due to non-compliance, as we can assist with the sustainability documentation.