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Buyer defines terms of trade

Direct trade and payment between Buyer and Seller

Procurement with full competition

Added value to Buyer and Seller

Documentation and transparency

Supplier fact sheet

  • More direct trade between manufacturer and heating plant, fewer intermediates.
  • Splitting into smaller/shorter contacts ensures a more dynamic market, including more local wood chips, also from small suppliers.
  • Small suppliers, without certification, can (after entering into a supplier agreement with Biomasse Børsen) bid directly and deliver via Biomasse Børsen's supplier programme.
  • Blocking bidders who do not have the required sustainability certificate for each auction.
  • The heating plants will have the opportunity to prioritise local suppliers.
  • The supplier can see who the buyer is and what conditions apply to each auction.
  • All auctions are advertised on the tender portal, and all users of Biomass Auctions are automatically notified when new auctions are announced.
  • Payment of fees for using Biomass Auctions is only made after the delivery and on the basis of actually delivered quantity (deducted from the settlement basis from the heating plant).
  • Payment directly from the heating plant to the supplier.
  • Always the lowest price to win the auction (provided the bid is below the heating plant's maximum price).
  • Possibility to place auto bids, so you do not have to be "online" when the auction runs.
  • Easy and convenient to use Biomass Auctions. Same functionality as machine auctions.
  • The supplier can view all ongoing auctions.
  • The supplier can view all their own completed auctions.
  • Full anonymity with dynamic bid identification.
  • Electronic signing of contracts after the auction ends.
  • Better planning, own contract/delivery date.
  • Increased opportunities for delivery outside the normal work area.